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These are some of the more notable (technical) projects I’ve been a part of and led.

Some of these were projects for school, clients, or just for my own experience. Some are available publicly as well so I hope you take a second to give them a try.


BitBite is a user first food platform that provides food businesses with a “digital space” for online ordering, loyalty programs, rewards, promotions and more to help grow their business and reach new customers

We work with restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, individual chefs and more to help them run their businesses smarter and more efficiently through online ordering, loyalty campaigns, promotions and more.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients focus on the parts of their business that matter to them.

I develop and maintain the mobile and web applications myself as well as any day to day technology maintenance or needs. As CEO, I also oversee and manage the business itself.

To learn more about what we do, download, and more visit

The BitBite iOS and Android mobile application are written using Google’s Flutter framework.

The BitBite web application and website are written with Django and hosted on Amazon Web Services


For my senior project in college, I worked with a professor to research, develop and document anexploit in the Network File System (NFS) protocol. I used this to develop a tool that can be used in tandem with a Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack to hijack and exfiltrate an NFS connection and server.

This project is now open-source wherein other developers are encouraged to contribute. It is written in Python and available on GitHub. This is an ongoing project that allows me to continue to explore my interests in penetration testing and information security as well as contribute to said communities.

If you’d like to contribute or view the repository, it is available through the following link:

Stock Trading Programs

I have developed a number of algorithms in Python by utilizing Quantopian’s APIs and libraries. I am able to use Quantopian’s framework to run backtests and improve these models to better predict the market.

These models not only perform well but can be also used to actively manage real portfolios with a number of brokerages. I have played around with numerous algorithms and designs over the years, from simple momentum trackers to complex machine learning models and neural networks (admittedly with varying degrees of success.)

For more on Quantopian and their platform visit their website by clicking here.

Donate The Difference

During the summer of 2019, I had the great opportunity of interning with Accenture Technology in Arlington, VA. During this time, Accenture organized a hackathon for all their hundreds of technology interns around the country. The goal was to create something that would promote sustainability and/or the community – it also had to use Amazon Web Services (AWS). I and a team of several other interns competed and were able to win the hackathon.

We came up with the concept called Donate The Difference (DTD). The idea is simple Рusers signup for DTD and links their credit card. DTD then automatically rounds up their purchases to the next dollar and donates the difference to a charity or organization of their choice. We developed a prototype web application using Django (AWS Elastic Beanstalk) and mobile application using Flutter.

If you’d like to view the repository, it is available through the following link: ¬†


OctoCop is an 8-bit style, 2D platformer game I and two other students developed in college using Unity. The game follows the story of OctoCop – a rogue octopus on a journey to find who polluted his beloved reef. On the way – he must jump, shoot, and climb his way through hordes of mutant slugs in search of the truth.


The game is three levels, each is designed to be increasingly frustrating and difficult – what was a popular trend in gaming at the time of development. I designed the art in the game and wrote some animation and movement scripts in C#. What’s special is the enemies/NPCs in the game utilize a number of AI techniques we learned in the course including pathfinding algorithms, trigger systems, genetic algorithms and more.

If you’d like to view the repository or play OctoCop, it is available through the following link:

Study Edge Web App

In college, several students and I worked with a real business to develop a web application to be used by actual students around the country. They wanted an application that would allow students to sign up for and reserve study spaces at their review sessions. It had all the expected features – authentication, forms, admin login, REST APIs, bootstrap, etc.

The web application was written using NodeJS, Express, React and MongoDB. We used an AGILE methodology when working and were able to complete the project as per the client’s specification in just under three, two-week sprints. I developed the backend and REST APIs myself using MongoDB, Express and the mongoose library – all written in JavaScript.

If you’d like to view the repository, it is available through the following link:

Want To Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about any of these projects, or others not here, feel free to reach out to me through this contact page!