These are some of the more notable (technical) projects I’ve been a part of and led.

Some of these were projects for school, clients, or just for my own experience. Some are available publicly as well so I hope you take a second to give them a try.

BitBite is a mobile application designed to make finding places to eat easy and fun!

BitBite is designed to make finding places to eat as easy as possible. Clean design, intelligent features and access to one of the largest food and drink databases design make it easier than ever to find your next favorite restaurant or bar. Our goal, is for our users to never wonder “what’s their to do tonight” again.

On top of that, BitBite offers a platform for business owners to promote their business to users in their area. BitBite Promotions allows restaurant, bar, food truck owners and everyone in between to post any deals or events they’re hosting and instantly reach potentially infinite people nearby. We plan on adding numerous other unique and simple features to help make it easier than ever to get the word out about and run your business.

To learn more about what we do, download, and much more visit


BitBite mobile application was created using the Flutter framework and written in Dart. The BitBite web application was written with Django.

OctoCop is a 2D platformer game I and two other students developed in Unity. The game follows the story of OctoCop – a rogue octopus on a journey to find who polluted his beloved reef. On the way – he must jump, shoot, and climb his way through hordes of mutant slugs in search of the truth.

I developed a majority of the art assets in the game helped with scripting (C#). The game was created using Unity. The game is currently three levels however there are plans to build several more levels.

To download OctoCop on GitHub (Mac and PC) click here!

This project was for a college course I took where a team and myself had an open-ended opportunity to some software exclusively in C++. We decided  to build an 8-bit styled, fully functional, Monopoly game.

The game is controlled through the command line and has a fully functioning graphical display to illustrate the current board, players, budgets, etc. The game is fully playable with up to 4 human players.

To download 8Bit Monopoly on GitHub (PC only) click here!

I created all the graphics and was heavily involved in the development of the graphical interface. This was done exclusively in C++ using the SFML library.


Stock Trading Algorithms

I designed a number of algorithms in Python through the Quantopian libraries/services. These programs are run through tests to measure performance vs. the market and other securities over time.

These models however not only perform well but can be used to actively manage real portfolios with a number of brokerages.

For more on Quantopian and their platform visit their website by clicking here.

If you would like to hear more about any of these (or any unlisted projects) as usual visit my contact page!